Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dissertation Demands Proofreading

Scholars often go weak on knees by the thought of dissertation writing. After putting in all the efforts in penning down the dissertation, none of the scholar would want his/her work to gather dust on the shelves. Rather would want to get the dissertation published and contribute to the existing knowledge in the specific domain. However, as per a report, approximately 61% of the dissertation gets rejected by the publishing house due to pesky errors such as grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors, misspellings, etc. This is when proofreading process comes into the picture. Most often scholars ignore this tedious yet rewarding task due to lack of knowledge about the benefits it offers. Some of the reasons for performing dissertation proofreading process are:

  • It was developed within a narrow timeline 

Owing to zest for the subject, inspiration, or just pressing deadline, you might have developed your dissertation in the eleventh hour without even giving it a second glance. This might have resulted in the crawling up of variety of mistakes and mistypes into your dissertation which can only be eliminated via proofreading process.

  • It consists of a lot of tables & infographics

According to proofreaders offering PhD proofreading services in Malaysia a large part of the mistakes are concerned with the unification of elements like differently coloured fonts, charts and other graphic elements and their correspondence to the research community requirements.

  • It is a complex work consisting of multi-level quoting and/or intersecting experiments

Your dissertation might include multi-level quoting or other complex elements which are not implemented in an apt manner. But by proofreading you can catch such discrepancies and correct them.

  • English is not your first language 

You might be an ESL student. Although you speak it fluently yet you may be unaware of the terms and their usage thereby ending committing plenty of errors in your dissertation. However, you can get rid of such errors through proofreading process. If you need any help with the process, talk to proofreaders providing PhD proofreading services in Malaysia.

  • The requirements of dissertation are plentiful and/or complicated 

Your University might demand you to use specific graphic elements (e.g. Font Arial & size 12 for the title, Font Calibri & size 10 for subtitle), fixed text structure , unification of the quotes and references’ presentation, and many more.  Due to inadequate knowledge about the same, you might have incorporated them inappropriately. Proofread your dissertation with the help of professionals and refine your dissertation.

Now that you know the benefits of proofreading, roll up your sleeves and get started with the process.

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