Top 5 Online Proofreading Tools for Polishing your Thesis

Composing a thesis by PhD scholars is a colossal assignment. While presenting the completed thesis you will dependably wish that your painstaking project is a genuine impression of all your diligent work. Hence it becomes utmost important that you present an error-free and impeccable document that gets a 100 percent approval upon presentation. However, it becomes a necessity to proofread your thesis to ensure that it is error free. But at times it becomes incomprehensible to alter every single mistake in your thesis. This is when the online proofreading tools or editors providing PhD proofreading service in Malaysia comes into the picture. 

Today there are several online proofreading tools available out there to help you make your thesis look perfect. Some of them are:

1. Grammarly - Grammarly is the most accurate and popular tool in the market. This tool not only helps you find the grammatical errors but it also gives an explanation of each mistake.  This tool also has an in-built plagiarism checker that will help you find the plagiarized content in your thesis. Grammarly will not just find and fix more than 250 types of errors but will also help you improve your word choice. 

2. Ginger - Ginger is another most popular proofreading tool. This tool offers a desktop tool and a Chrome extension which are easy to use. This tool has the potential to take care and look for “article error” such as the, a, an etc. Also, Ginger will thoroughly check for possible rephrasing of sentences. Just by entering your text and clicking the quill icon, Ginger will check for suggestions. The added advantage of Ginger is that, it has a built-in translator,  dictionary, synonyms, and much more. 

3. Text-to-speech - Text-to-speech is the most recommended and a generic tool. Hearing your document read to you is an excellent way to proof it. Not only it will let you catch spelling errors at ease, but also will let you hear awkward sentences, phrases, and paragraphs and correct them then and there. This is a unique attribute which no other tool can give you. 

4. Google Docs - Google Docs consists of built-in grammar checker. It uses a powerful engine to check your thesis for grammatical correctness. Google Docs checks the words/sentences and will underline misspellings and grammar errors it detects and enables you to correct them on one click. Google Docs is not very much perfect. Hence it is better to take assistance from the proofreaders offering PhD proofreading service in Malaysia.

5. Polish my writing - Polish my writing, also known as After the Deadline is proved to be a great proofreading tool that lets you check your thesis to find grammatical errors, errors in style or misspelling. An added advantage of Polish my writing checker  is that it lets online users check for contextual spells, advanced style and intelligent grammar. Also, this tool uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology to detect grammatical mistakes in your thesis and gives you relevant suggestions.

Although several online proofreading tools are available, it is not advisable to solely depend on those tools. To proofread your and obtain an approval ready thesis, consider taking help from the professional editors delivering unmatched PhD proofreading service in Malaysia.

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