Follow These Steps if You Want to ‘Fail’ your PhD

You must have read hundreds of blogs on what to do for successfully completing your PhD thesis. You must be showered with tons of suggestions and strategies from supervisors and colleagues instructing you steps to be adopted. However, one must realize that escaping failure is also an equally crucial stage to achieve success. Only a meagre percentage of scholars actually focus on what is not to be done if you want to complete your PhD smoothly. 

How about if you have a list of steps to achieve failure? If you know what can lead to failure, in fact, you might comprehend the strategies to ensure the success of your PhD much better.


So, do the following if you are on the way to failed PhD attempt: 

1. Aim for Perfection 

Perfection is never-ending. If you aim for perfection, you will take forever to complete your PhD research. Tweaking each sentence unless it gleams is useless as your ultimate goal should be demonstrating a unique contribution to your research area. You should understand that no study can be perfect in every sense and to every reviewer. As your draft is ready, you should be prepared for feedback and recognise that you will be asked for major thesis editing.  


2. Be completely dependent on your supervisor

PhD is not meant to be a step wise instructional guide dictated to you by your supervisor. You are an independent researcher, so you should have your own ideas, set your own research decisions, choose your research direction yourself. Given the most commonly reported reason for quitting research among Malaysian scholars being the absence of supervisor’s guidance, you must start off with dependence on a supervisor’s guidance but not his leadership. Research, practise and write for better managing your own PhD all by yourself.


3. Wait for inspiration

Waiting for great ideas to pop into your head is impossible, and it is no wonder that ideas might come to your mind even when you are in the middle of other tasks. To get the work done, you should excavate previous research work to explore what methods have been applied by researchers. At the time of exploration, you may find something not right, or you may think of a better idea, but this all becomes possible when you have at least an idea of what has already been done. 


4. Ignore your committee’s advice

The easiest way to fail in PhD is snubbing the recommendation of your research committee. It is essential for you to get in touch with your committee members in later stages of your research. Sometimes ignoring their suggestions can lead to an additional semester to your PhD or rejection. For instance, if your committee has asked you for thesis editing, you should take this warning casually if you want to fail. 


6. Procrastinate

You keep putting off your research work because you have a misguided idea that you have a lot of time but too little to do. Estimating inappropriate completion days is dangerous and threatening to your PhD thesis. Keeping things in the pipeline for later review, is next to piling up useless sheets of work. 


7. Avoid opting for PhD thesis help when your research demands it 

Writing a flawless PhD thesis is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires knowledge about grammar, syntax, academic standards, in addition to in-depth subject knowledge. Rest assured, your first draft will require bulk editing to reach up to the levels expected by your committee. Looking out for PhD thesis editing services is a rationale and much needed decision for every scholar irrespective of his subject or writing expertise. 


Following any of the above can take your PhD  to your assured doom! You are the leader as well as the manager of your own research, so monitor yourself before it is too late! But most importantly, know the right time when you need external help and search the perfect PhD thesis editing service provider in Malaysia for your research. 

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