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Welcome to our panel of Editing Proofreading Malaysia, where our professional academic editors providing the best editing and proofreading services in Malaysia will help you face the challenge of editing and proofreading the research paper, dissertation, or thesis. We feel delighted to call you onboard with us and have faith in our academic editors. Our resources are at par with the best in the academic world, and having complete knowledge about various writing and formatting styles. Every research scholar has to outdo their research, and our editors will guide you towards your goal. Our team of professional academic editors delivering the best editing and proofreading services in Malaysia is composed of doctorates, University guides, and freelance academic editors.

How does Editing Proofreading work?

Every research paper goes through a sequential framework before it is presented to the publication or the University. With editing being the last and a crucial part of an academic document, a scholar is usually done and dusted through the research process. Our editors at editing proofreading Malaysia lessen up your stress of editing and take up the job from you. They inspect the dissertation thoroughly and work on the language, writing style, and structural coherence of it to make it perfect as per the guidelines of Malaysian Universities.

Editing and Proofreading

Our Services

PhD Thesis Editing

An unedited thesis is a roadblock for you to get your doctorate whereas a professionally edited thesis will take you one step closer to your goal. Read More..

Master's Dissertation Editing
Master's Dissertation Editing

With a lot of other things delaying the completion of your master’s dissertation, save your time in editing it by an academic editor. Read More..

Journal Paper Editing
Journal Paper Editing

Editing a research paper for a journal is different from that of editing it for the University. It requires scrutinised editing for the publication to approve it. Read More..

Journal paper Publishing
Journal Paper Publication Pack

Apart from editing and formatting the journal paper, it requires you to find a befitting publication to publish it with a cover letter for them. Read More..

How do we make the editing better, secure, and quick?

  • sign We get to know you and your academic document.
  • sign We get in detail of it to inspect and keep it secured.
  • sign We keep a note of your deadline to work on the feedback.

Essentials while placing the order

When placing the order for any service, make sure to :


Mention the editing and formatting style you want our editor to follow and incorporate.


Specify the length of your document, and any specification for our editor to edit it.


Provide us with a deadline to submit, so our editor can make corrections later on; if needed.