How To Proofread Your Own Work

Most writers find it quite awkward, and sometimes difficult to proofread their work. Many take the initiative, and proceed with cross-checking their write-ups, but end up skipping several mistakes untouched. No doubt, it is a complicated task.

According to psychology, the mind of around 88 percent of people acts biased. People, knowingly or unknowingly, fail to judge and spot their own slip-ups

While for research writers, it is paramount to present and submit their thesis in the correct format, without any subject or language-related errors. For subject matter experts, too, it is an uphill task to make out their small yet important grammatical and typographical errors. In the below subsections, there are explained a few ways that will help you make your writing error-free by proofreading


Read Out Loud – ROL is one of the best techniques. At times, people forget the laws of grammar, and tend to make grammatical blunders even in important documents. To spot the errors, if you are good at the written language and have clear ideas about its grammar, you should read it out. Keep a pencil with you and underline the text that you find is erroneous.

Use Google Translator – Not to translate your text, but for something else. There is an interesting feature that can help you find out your grammatical mistakes. You need to copy and paste your text into the translation box, click on the ‘Listen’ icon. It would read the entire text that pasted in the box. Now get yourself an earphone or headphone, listen, and identify your grammatical errors in your content.

Use Google Drive – MS Word application sometimes can miss spelling suggestions. Even if it does not, you should cross-check it twice. For this, you can either read your entire content or else, you can copy and paste it in the Document sheet of Google Drive.

Hire Professional Services – If you are not sure that these are rock-solid way outs, you can consider hiring a proofreading service. They will edit, check and make your work free from errors. You may need to discuss over their service charges on email or phone.

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