Enhancing your paper with formatting and design

Once you have completed your manuscript, you can pay some attention to its presentation and make it look appealing to the committee who will be reviewing and printing it. By making a manuscript design friendly, you make it in a better quality for printing and your readers will enjoy the minute attention to detail in the designs. While the quality of the content in your manuscript is the most important thing, there is no harm in enhancing the look and feel of your manuscript for better prospects. A good presentation can go a long way in getting you printed and it will also get you a lot more readers.


Various services regarding manuscripts are offered to help writers and scholars achieve their aim of getting published. Many of these services are affordable, timely and trust-worthy, giving you complete peace of mind with your manuscript. In the formatting and design services offered, you should expect the following elements:

Fonts: The designers will check the consistency of all the fonts that are present in your document and change them as and where required Resolution of images: Many writers take images off the internet without checking their resolution. Poor quality images can ruin the output of your manuscript and therefore our designers check for the resolution of each image and make them high res.

Consistency in punctuation marks: many writers miss crucial punctuation marks in their hurry to pen their thoughts on paper. Our team thoroughly checks the document and adds punctuation marks in required places.

Print-ready file: Our designers are also well-versed with print quality requirements and they help to convert your files into CMYK mode and prepare all content, gradients and images for printing in a way that there is no loss of quality.

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